About Advantage Recruiting

Advantage Recruiting stands by principles that elevate our recruiting service delivery. We feel in order to produce an effective product, you must live by ideologies that are clear, precise, and customer-driven. Vision, Character, and Passion are key characteristics:

Vision — Vision is primarily quantitative. It begins with reading and assessing relevant data, mapping trends, monitoring forecasts, and keeping our finger on the pulse of region-specific, labor market conditions. Having a vision includes creating attainable goals and recognizing one’s full potential to produce the best outcome. Without accurate, supportive, industry-specific information, you will never chart a course that leads you to discover worthy talent.

Character — Character is what fosters trust, inspires confidence, adds value, differentiates the quality of service delivery, and ultimately produces lasting business relationships. It determines quality decision making based on good judgment of individuals or issues.

Passion — Passion is what drives genuine motivation for achievement. It inspires one to recognize personal benefits from those achievements as well as take responsibility for goals, plans, and strategies. It induces enthusiasm and ignites the fuel that sustains our professional efforts to continue to strive for the overall unmatched service delivery goal.

Advantage Recruiting was founded on the passion and desire to serve recruiting needs of business and industry throughout the nation. Our streamline business model allows us to eliminate the extremely high industry costs and fees, and still sustaining a world class customer service delivery.

In addition, we make effort to learn extensively about the employers we work for. The recruiting industry as a whole lacks attention to detail. The one thing that sets us apart from the competition is our process. By getting to know the specific atmosphere of the companies we work for, we can tailor our search to target the right candidates to meet employers demands. We do this by thoroughly understanding and communicating with each hiring manager who will be evolved in the specific hiring campaign. This is extremely important because everyone has their own idea of what a solid candidate looks like. By having a high level of communication, and being on the same page, we eliminate confusion and expectation errors. Hitting the target requires clear precis communication.

The Advantage Team-

Lora E. Brown, President:

Lora’s background in accounting management has lent itself nicely to the development and ongoing internal resilience of Advantage Recruiting. Mrs. Brown has extensive tenure with fortune 500 companies, working within the government reporting divisions. In her early career she was hired as the Payroll Tax Administrator and Accounting Manager for companies throughout the central California region. In these settings her corporate finance and business management knowledge grew extensively. As of late, Mrs. Brown has used her CFO / Controller background to strengthen the fiscal capability of Advantage Recruiting. Her knowledge of accounting, government reporting and fiscal accountability has empowered Advantage Recruiting with sound business practices.

Rolland E. Brown, Jr., CEO:

Rolland’s background is in workforce development. Mr. Brown held multiple positions with the United States Department of Labor (USDOL). Mr. Brown’s responsibilities included contract administration for the California Cooperative Occupational Information System (CCOIS). In addition to this responsibility, he also held a Labor Market Research Directors role for the Labor Market Information Division (LMID). Rolland’s passion for workforce development is prevalent not only in his vigilant efforts to discover qualified candidates, but also in his ability to foster partnerships that bridge the gap between a qualified workforce and employers who diligently seek their skills. Mr. Brown has had the leading role in creating Advantage Recruiting and its unparalleled approach to customer satisfaction, which truly gives employers and potential employees the “advantage.”

Available Services:

  • Permanent Direct Hire Placements
  • Special Project Recruiting
  • Pre-Employment Background & Drug Screening
  • Pre-Employment Qualification Screening
  • Pre-Employment Skills Testing