Job Seekers

Please email your resume to for our review:

Advantage Recruiting is constantly on the move serving employers’ needs nationwide. If you do not see an opening in your field of interest, post your resume anyway! Down the road when an employer is searching for your skills and abilities, we can find you by searching through our tracking system—another resource for your all-important job seeking.

Serving Job Seekers: Advantage Recruiting respects and encourages the uniqueness of each individual in their search for employment. We relish the diversity that each individual’s talents and qualities bring to our local economic outlook.

We invite you as the job seeker to apply through sending your resume in for review. We can examine and revise your resume, give you advice about a specific company and their atmosphere, and help you practice for an interview. If you cannot physically come in, we are available on Skype for interviewing. We examine how well you can present yourself, as well as your level of preparation, before you meet the employer.

We encourage a continual learning process for our job seekers and focus on a friendly environment for them to thrive. We have tips and articles available on our Facebook page. You may also connect with us on LinkedIn. We want you to be successful, but also prepared! Our clients (the employers) understand that substantial employees are productive, dependable, loyal, and trustworthy. And, happy employees excitedly welcome new and challenging responsibilities.