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Dear Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Client

A short background about myself and our company. I have a strong workforce development background having worked for the Fresno Region Workforce Development Board in California as their Research Analyst and Contract Administrator in the Labor Market Information Division (LMID) before establishing Advantage Recruiting in 2008.

I have a passion for helping those who struggle to obtain gainful employment. I am also a champion for those who are under served and driven to help individuals who have barriers to employment.For the past few years, I have been involved with the Lake Mountain Special Needs Activity Program. A faith-based program designed to work with intellectually and developmentally challenged individuals in and around the Wasatch front.

Advantage Recruiting understands both sides of the employment industry, which adds a significant measure of competency to both the job coaching and job development side of our service deliveries. We have heart for challenged clients and, after obtaining our ACRE certification which qualified us, we became a service provider for the State of Utah Vocational Rehabilitation. We offer: Job Coaching, Job Development, Career Guidance, Job Placement, Job Readiness Diagnostics and Development, Job and Life Skills Training. Please visit our website listed below for additional services we offer. Advantage Recruiting has been preparing and placing individuals in employment opportunities since 2008.

We Look forward to being of service,

Rolland E. Brown Jr. | Job Coach / Developer|801-995-0767|♛www.advantagerecruit.com


Advantage Recruiting is committed to developing dynamic and innovative workforce strategies to support our valued Vocational Rehabilitation clients in their employment goals of preparing for and locating sustainable gainful employment.

Advantage Recruiting has a commitment to increase the service delivery and accessibility of employment and training services to our disabled community in and around the Wasatch front. Through partnerships with nonprofits, community-based organizations, The State of Utah Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, individuals will be able to enhance their ability to be prepared for gainful employment, which is the ultimate gateway to self-sufficiency which fosters self-esteem.

Additional Works in Progress:

  • “Special Needs Business Program” with the employer community by educating employers of the minimal costs of assistive technologies, tax incentives, On-The-Job Training as well as recognize and share through employer testimonials those who have already embraced a disability-friendly spirit toward employment, accessibility, and service.
  • Development of local employment occupations for persons with disabilities. Advantage Recruiting will make available a list of employer positions that would accommodate persons with a disability once per month via e-mail to community-based, agencies, and advocacy groups that serve the population.
  • Develop linkages and build relationships with employment community by participating in groups such as the HR Association, local chambers of commerce, Leadership Utah, Salt Lake Regional Jobs Initiative (SLRJI) and others to promote and secure job placement opportunities for persons with a disability.

We are highly trained job coach / job developers who will work with you in the following areas:

Work Strategy Assessment, which includes: 

  • In-person intake assessment assessing your Transferable Job Skills
  • Behavioral, Motivational and Interest Assessment as they relate to employment job seeking skills, career guidance
  • Life Skills Assessment, general work behaviors (social, communication, interpersonal, time management skills) in all settings
  • Life Skills Assessment as they relate to employment

Abilities and Aptitudes

    • Advantage Recruiting will complete a Work Strategy Assessment Report with Recommendations.

Assessment Areas:  

    • Work Site or Situational Work Assessment
    • Independent Living Skills Assessment (Home Visit)
    • Technical/Computer Skills Assessment
    • Mock Interview Assessment (Interview/Resume Skills)
    • Other areas identified by VR Counselor, you and Advantage recruiting related to employment.

Work Site or Situational Work Assessment:

  • Conduct a work site or situational work assessment to assess client’s work ability
  • Assess ability to show up on time, follow instructions, and complete job duties at the worksite to test work readiness skills related to the type of job they are interested in. Activities and or settings could include office, janitorial, cashier, restocking shelves, grocery list, lifting duties, construction, medical, customer service, retail, etc.
  • Observe Social Skills and Interpersonal Skills in all settings
  • Possible client activity: Have you complete a Master Application and return to the Advantage Recruiting

Independent Living Skills Assessment:

  • CRP Job Coach will meet with you in your home, and when possible with a family member, an individual living in the same residence, neighbor or personal support system member, to assess your system of support and learn more about your independent living skills
  • Observe Social Skills and Interpersonal Skills in all settings
  • Assess Hygiene/Dress – Work Ready Clothing
  • Complete Transferable Skills List
  • Complete our Networking List and return to Advantage Recruiting

Technical/Computer Skills Assessment (Conducted at DWS, Community Center, Library, DI, or other sites)

  • Assess your computer skills as related to employment (register and search online for a job)
  • Assess your reading and writing ability by completing a Master Application to determine assistance needed to fill out applications for work
  • Observe your Social Skills and Interpersonal Skills in all settings
  • Activity to login and create a Job Seeker Registration on jobs.utah.gov or registration on utahfutures.org, gadball.com or other employment site – to assess ability to navigate the internet, and conduct a job search
  • Complete a type test or other computer testing as appropriate to determine skills for work
  • Assess technical skills as related to the vocational goal
  • Also have you complete a 30 Second Commercial speech to share with employers

Mock Interview Assessment

  • Assess time management skills (follow a calendar)
  • Assess ability to interview, answer questions, etc.
  • Observe Social Skills and Interpersonal Skills in all settings
  • Possible client activity:  Have client dress for an interview for the next appointment with Advantage Recruiting

Other Areas for Assessment

  • Observe Social Skills and Interpersonal Skills in all settings

It is our belief that you will recognize the merits of our overall program goals and aspirations.
Should you have any questions, please contact me at (801) 995-0767 Rolland Brown- CEO

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