How to Measure the Cognitive Intelligence of a Person

Cognitive assessment exams or cognitive tests are types of psychometric analysis that are designed to measure the intelligence of a human or any other animals. Cognitive assessments are widely used to determine a person’s intelligence. The cognitive ability test consists of numerical, verbal abstract spatial and mechanical reasoning sections. These questions can be easy or difficult based on the level of the assessment. Cognitive tests suggest intelligence quotient test or the IQ test that has been developed back in the 1912. Since then cognitive assessments have evolved and developed to a great accuracy.

Cognitive assessment test is used in recruiting employees

Employers use cognitive test and psychometric test as a key to obtain in depth knowledge about the candidates strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes the best of candidates are not very impressive in interviews whereas candidates who are very promising in there interviews do not perform very well in their job roles. Cognitive exams allow employers to choose smart and logical employees who perform well at their jobs. It is known that candidates with higher cognitive exam scores are more productive and are able learn better with less training then the other candidates. People with the higher IQ will naturally score better in cognitive exams. Research shows that people with good schools in their cognitive test are able to handle more stress they are good at problem solving comma logical reasoning and problems properly. These kinds of candidates are capable of finding solutions faster and more efficiently. Does this make them reliable employees? This is why employees all over the world prefer cognitive and IQ tests to choose their candidate more than the conventional methods of interviews and college grades etc.

Structure of cognitive assessment exams

Cognitive exams consists of a series of multiple choice questions in several categories as per the recruiters requirements. There may be a few or all of the categories which include numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and abstract reasoning etc. Some of the recruiters even prefer one category such as numerical reasoning. Numerical reasoning is a section of questions which directly relate to solving mathematical problems to arrive with the correct solution. This section can be pretty difficult if you are not very good with mathematics. Make sure you practice your formulas well and also practice similar problems with the help of cognitive assessment guide books your old textbooks, etc. It also helps if you practice previous question papers in the maths section. Verbal reasoning is a section of questions which give you a question where you have to solve the question using words to reason out the right answer. In other words you need to basically find out what option makes the most sense to the question being asked. Non-verbal reasoning or abstract reasoning is a section of questions that involve pictures or diagrams with no explanation. There will usually be fill in the blanks type of questions where the candidate is required to make sense of these abstract images and find what the next image would look like. These are basically used to find out how a candidate is able to solve equation by detecting problems and finding a logical way to solve the problem. Tests are usually online and have a limited time within which the candidate is required to attend most of the questions if not all.

How to ensure that you do well in your cognitive exams

There is no ability of increasing your natural intelligence you can improve your memory, speed of answering the questions, and also improve your comfort level with exam such as this by preparing well for them. There are several textbooks available online where you can purchase cognitive exam guides and practice books etc. Ensure that you practice really well so as to improve your comfort with questions such as these. Practice your mathematics portions and formulas very well. When it comes to mathematical reasoning, try to convert the question into a diagram. By visualizing the question and making an image out of it can really help understand the question very well this in turn helps you find the solution much faster. Make sure that you try different types of abstract reasoning and verbal reasoning questions in your free time so as to sharpen your mind. Make sure you take practice aptitude test using a timer to make sure that you are able to cope with the time frame given to you by recruiters. Recruiters usually mention what categories are involved in your cognitive test. Make sure you practice with a timer in the particular category is well before the interview date. Practicing well will also make you confident with the type of questions that are being asked therefore it leaves very less room for anxiety and blacking out etc.

What to do before your cognitive assessment exam

Using the above tips you will be able to crack your cognitive assessment exams like a boss. Do not get tensed if you do not know a question. Make sure you read the questions two times so as to understand the question clearly. Make sure your timing yourself well during exam by using your watch. Do not waste too much time on a single question. If you don’t seem to be able to crack a question don’t be afraid to move on to the next. The next hint might be a lot easier than this one. That way you will be able to answer all the questions that you know without wasting time on the questions that you may not be able to solve which will take up a lot of time. Make sure you get proper sleep the night before your exams. Make sure you eat right before your exam so as to avoid any kind of uneasiness during your cognitive assessment exam. Drink plenty of water as this keeps you active and hydrated. If you don’t know the answer to a question, do not panic as this might make you feel very stressed during the exam.

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